Redefine Your Accounting Process

Robotic Process Automation

Eliminate manual data entry. Automate your invoicing and billing process with a click of a button.

Assess Your Business in Minutes

Our comprehensive dashboard will help you create the roadmap you need to reach your business and financial goals.

AI and Machine Learning

Cratosys learns monthly transactional coding data and memorizes historical patterns to easily integrate into your accounting platform.

Hybrid Automation

We make the decisions that robots can’t.

How We Do It

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Invoicing and Billing

Eliminates routine processes and reduces errors by automating manual accounts payable and receivable entries.

Hybrid Automation

Benefits of a human touch. Our in house experts make decisions that robots can’t.



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How It Works

On-board Quickly

Login and follow our simple step by step process to begin using your very own RPA Accounting Platform

Customize It

Modify your platform to reflect your business accounting policies and procedures for Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables

Power On

Let your robot manage the end to end process where you step in to simply manage exceptions



Explore the most efficient way of processing vendor invoices.

Customer Payments

Enjoy the luxury of managing your vendor & customer payments in a single platform.

ERP Integration

Instantly integrates with your accounting software.

Cash Application

Try our unique Machine Learning enabled Cash Application solution to reconcile open invoices and customer collections.

Customer Invoicing

Turn on automation that generates invoices for your customers.


Experience the new way of connecting with your vendor & customers on one platform with an expert chatbot.


Time spent on accounting