Accounts Receivable


Automated order-to-cash using RPA. Unleash your business growth potential with a thoughtfully developed accounts receivable product that automates billing to cash application effortlessly. Capitalize on AI to automate one of your most complex accounting processes!

Automate Your Billing Process

  • Reduce manual billing efforts with automated invoicing options
  • Introduce an effective way of managing your customer database
  • Enhance your receivable process to match the pace of your business growth

Simplify Accounts Receivable

  • Sync with third party systems such as your POS system to verify customer data against invoices
  • Let  robots deal with complex yet repetitive cash application process 
  • Collaborate with your teams using intelligent workflow systems to replace your email communications

Customer Visibility

  • Introduce efficient methods of receiving payment from your customers
  • Go above and beyond to help your customers with increased transparency and convenience
  • Let our intelligent chat-bot address your customer queries related to billing & payments