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Crato App

A paperless, seamless, hasslefree way to manage your vendor bills, employee travel & expenses and much more.

  • Experience the intelligent way of monitoring your cash flow in real-time
  • Take photos of your bills & receipts using your mobile phone
  • Immediate submission into our portal for processing
  • Approve on the go
  • Collaborate with your team as if you are chatting on messaging apps
  • Receive notifications each step of the way

How It Works

Use our mobile app to complete your AP processing in 6 easy steps.

  • Step 1

    Take A Picture

  • Step 2

    Uploads to the Cloud

  • Step 3

    Automates the Paperwork

  • Step 4

    Approve the Document

  • Step 5

    Monitor Financial Health

  • Step 6

    Sync the Data to Your Account System


Accounting begins and ends with the exchange of data between various parties. Cratosys is equipped with a high accuracy data capturing system and adds a touch of magic that eliminates human effort from a transaction processing standpoint while minimizing day to day manual tasks.

Do It Yourself

Automation software available today is not tailored towards accountants. Cratosys is built by accountants and for accountants with built-in automation that does not require extensive software programming knowledge or training.  


A comprehensive platform that combines several applications into one creating a seamless experience for the user.